Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a community network, advertising platform, and information hub for providers and consumers of adult entertainment and services in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.
What makes unique? Why should I care? is unique in that it is 100% designed, operated, and fully moderated by individuals with experience in sex work. We collaborate with local businesses, professional sex workers, community activists, and sex worker allies. We are a grassroots non-profit project, fully and independently funded by a kind member of our community.
We are a strong supporter of the Safe Harbour Outreach Project (S.H.O.P.), which provides support, supplies, and resources to people in Newfoundland and Labrador who identify as being presently or previously employed in the sex industry.
Why make a website like this?
After consultation with a number of adult service providers in the province, was created to provide a safe and supportive space for individuals and businesses (in all areas of the adult industry) to advertise, and promote, products and services.
Our uniquely designed NL Online Adult Services Directory is moderated for the privacy and discretion of both providers and consumers. Combining both advertising and local resources in one place makes a valuable toolbox for advertising professionals in all areas of the adult industry.
Who can use
You must be at least 18 years old to access this website. is intended for any and all adult entertainment, service, or sex-related advertising. For businesses, individuals, couples, studios, party hosts, women, men, dancers, sex workers, toy stores, clubs, photographers, and everyone else who works professionally, or semi-professionally, within the adult industry. 
How do I get my ad or listing posted in The Adult Directory? How much does it cost?
*** Temporarily on hold ***
To have your business ad or personal listing added to The Adult Directory, go to the "Post your FREE ad!" page, fill in the directory form with whatever information you would like to have included, and click "Send".
Once your form has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation email. If you would like to add pictures to your listing, simply reply to your confirmation email with up to three high quality images to be included.
There is NO COST to post a listing in The Adult Directory. This website is a non-profit project and we do not charge to use this service. It may take up to 48 hours for your ad to appear in the directory. If you would like your ad to be posted sooner, please use The Personals Forum for immediate or short term ads.
How do you make any money if you aren't charging people for advertising?
We are a grassroots non-profit project, fully and independently funded by a kind member of our community. Our services, including advertising, must remain free in order to stay accessible and inclusive for everyone.
In short, we don't make any money.
What is The Personals Forum?
The Personals Forum is another FREE advertising tool provided by HardOnTheRock.
Members can login to post ads, make edits to existing ad, and comment on other postings within the forum. The Personals Forum is different from The Adult Directory because the postings are more fluid, more immediate, usually more short-term, and can be changed by the poster more quickly and easily than in The Adult Directory.
What is The Community Hub?
The Community Hub is like a community bulletin board for all local sex-related and sex worker-friendly resources and supports.
Resources listed on this page are sourced from local community service directories, existing resource listings, personal recommendations, and through collaboration with individuals through our community. Many of these resources are available to anyone who needs them (with some exceptions), however this may not be the case for all resources.
While we try to stay up to date with our information, we recognize that community service organizations can be fluid and do sometimes change. As a result, we are unable to guarantee the veracity of specific resources at any given time. Please note that does not work for or represent any of the organizations listed below, we are simply providing the information for those who may need it.
If you would like to suggest a resource to be added to our Resources On The Rock page, please click the "Recommend a Resource" button at the bottom of the page and shoot us an email. Please include the name of the resource or organization, a contact number, and the category which you think the resource should be listed.
Who are you? What sorts of people are behind this?
We are women in your community.
We are sex workers.
We are business owners.
We are community leaders.
We are students.
We are feminists.
We are activists.
We are artists.
We are innovators.
We are mothers, daughters, sisters, aunties, friends, neighbours, and coworkers.
We are people just like you, who recognize that sex work is real work and who are committed to making a positive difference in our community. 
I have another question. What do I do?
That's great - we would love to hear from you!
To get in contact with the crew at, simply click on the "Contact Us" button at the top of the page, fill out the contact form on the next page, and click "Send". Please allow up to 48 hours for an email response. Derogatory, offensive, or defamatory emails will not receive a reply.
We do not accept media requests, however, we would be happy to connect you to those who do. For all academic or media-related inquiries relating to the local adult industry, we would encourage you to contact the Safe Harbour Outreach Project (SHOP).